What we do

McGregor Wealth Management offers a range of personalised and tailored advice solutions:

We understand that all our clients are unique and we prepare a personal financial plan which is custom designed to:

  • Your own unique personal circumstances
  • Who and what’s important to you
  • Your own goals and objectives
  • You concerns, challenges and priorities right now.
  • For the majority of our clients we provide an ongoing advice service that includes regular review meetings, open communications and updates to your plans, strategies and investments as needed.

    Why we do it

    Quite simply: we have found that people live happier and more fulfilled lives with more confidence, security and peace of mind , when they know they are :

  • taking care of all their financial “stuff”
  • organised and under control when it comes to money
  • affording the lifestyle they enjoy now
  • on track to building, maintaining and protecting the wealth they need to afford to live a satisfying and fulfilling life when work becomes optional (retirement /financial independence), and
  • looking after the people and things that are important to them
  • It gives us a great degree of satisfaction helping our clients get to this position and to maintain that position throughout their lives.

    Why choose us

  • Experience – Our founder, Rob Mcgregor, has over 30 years’ experience in Financial Services & Financial Markets (his complete working life) and nearly the last 20 years of providing personalised financial advice
  • Expertise – Rob’s background in accounting and investment markets as well as his own business and entrepreneurial experience, along with 20 years of client advice give him a unique skillset of expertise, both from technical and practical experience (read Rob’s “story”)
  • Communicate in your language – We make the complex simple (not the other way around), using our expertise to provide all advice and communication in a plain language simplified framework
  • Smart Strategies not restricted by our ownership or institutional focus. We can advise on property, direct shares, managed funds, across a wide variety of asset classes and ownership structures including Self-Managed Superannuation
  • Our Services

    Personal Financial Planning & Advice

    Wealth Creation

    Retirement Planning

    Estate Planning

    Superannuation advice

    Self-Managed Superannuation

    Tax Strategies

    Asset Protection Strategies

    Debt Management

    Cashflow modelling

    Centrelink and DVA

    Pension Strategies

    Redundancy advice

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    "I'm In My 40’s & 50’s"

    Discover how we help good earners create long-term wealth and financial freedom through smart financial planning and advice.

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    Retiring soon? This is a critical time. Find out how we help pre-retirees take the smartest steps towards their retirement.

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    "I've Already Retired"

    Find out how we help self-funded retirees get more money AND peace of mind during retirement, without the hassles, headaches or silly risks.

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