What Is An “Awesome Independent Retirement”?

What Is An “Awesome Independent Retirement”?

We’re passionate about creating “Awesome Independent Retirements” for our clients. However, like many new clients we speak with, you might be wondering two things:

  1. Who exactly are “independent retirees”, and
  2. What is an “Awesome Independent Retirement”?

These are great questions. Please allow me to explain…

Who are “Independent Retirees”?

Independent Retirees are everyday Australians who, using their retirement assets, fund all or part of their retirement. Generally speaking, I like to categorise self-funded retirees into one of three groups…

  1. Partly Self-Funded: Their retirement is partly funded by their own assets (Super and investments between $500k and $1.25M) and partly by Centrelink.
  2. Everyday millionaires: They have Super and assets worth $1.25M-$2.5M
  3. Done Well: They have Super and assets worth $2.5M to $6M+

What is an “Awesome Independent Retirement”?

An “Awesome Independent Retirement” happens when you have the ability to do the things you love when you retire and aren’t worried about money restraints holding you back.

To be more specific, there are FOUR things I ensure help our clients achieve when they experience their Awesome Independent Retirement…

1. You Have Enough Money

Firstly, you have enough money for both regular living expenses, and for the nice things in life. This includes money for:

I like to plan for these “everyday” expenses, and also the “big ticket” retirement items like:

2. You Have Enough Time

Secondly, an Awesome Independent Retirement gives you TIME to do what you love to do, with the people you love. This means you have the time (and of course the resources) to:

3. You Have Peace Of Mind And Confidence

Thirdly, you have peace of mind and confidence in the quality of your retirement portfolio. After all, you must ensure it’s engineered to survive all kinds of market activity (for example, economic downturns from black swan events like COVID-19).

We create peace of mind and confidence by ensuring our clients:

We also ensure that our clients’ spouses would be OK, and in good hands, if something was to happen to them.

4. You Have Good Health

Lastly, and probably most importantly, an Awesome Independent Retirement would be no fun without your health. By creating consistent cashflow, you’re able to provide for the medical ups and downs experienced along the way.

I also like to categorise, and plan for, a retirement into four stages:

  1. The bucket list years
  2. The active years
  3. The golden years
  4. The slowing years

Can We Help Create Your Awesome Independent Retirement?

Over the past 20 years, the team at McGregor Wealth Management has helped hundreds of hard-working families save tax and maximise their investment so they can accelerate their wealth and create an Awesome Independent Retirement.

Unlike most financial advisors who focus on market-based investment strategies (often driven by alliances with big financial institutions), the we take a more holistic and client focused approach to help you accelerate your wealth, so you can maintain (and ideally improve) your income and lifestyle in retirement.

Our process is simple and begins with a Free Wealth Potential Strategy Session, during which…

By simply going through this exercise, many people feel more in control of, and optimistic about, their financial future.

To explore how we can help you understand your wealth potential, get in touch to arrange a Free Wealth Potential Strategy Session.

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