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Are you confident you’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement?

Maybe you’ve just realised you’re not on track to achieve the wealth you need or desire in the future. Or perhaps you’re doing OK (or even very well), but are looking to maximise your outcomes. Regardless of where you currently are, the important thing is what you do about it.

We don’t make hitting your goals complex or difficult. Instead, we favour clear and practical solutions that get results. In a nutshell, we help you to:

  1. Get organised with all your financial ‘stuff’
  2. Get clear on what financial success looks like to you (your vision)
  3. Develop specific goals to achieve your vision
  4. Establish smart strategies
  5. Take action
  6. Avoid big mistakes
  7. Re-align as needed to stay on track

During this private session with one of our Senior Advisers, you’ll embark on the initial stage of our process, by:

  • Gaining clarity on exactly what financial success looks like to you
  • Taking stock of your current situation
  • Understanding your “Wealth Potential” (i.e. the investment assets and income that you could potentially accumulate if you manage your wealth well)

Many participants find that, simply by going through this process, they start to feel more in control of their financial future — not to mention, more optimistic as well.

It’s also very common to find there’s a “gap” between where you’re currently heading, and where you’d ideally like to be.

If that’s the case, your Adviser will outline some of the key strategies that may be appropriate for you to close that gap and achieve your full “Wealth Potential”.  If you wish to do so, they’ll also discuss how to explore deeper and implement solutions.

Please be assured that this Strategy Meeting will not be a thinly-disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence your Adviser can supply within the time available.  There will be NO specific financial products or investments on offer during this session.

There is no charge for this Strategy Meeting, but please be advised that the session must be limited to 60 minutes.  This is usually enough time to understand your situation as well as share some useful nuggets of value with you.

Your Strategy Meeting will usually take place within 1 week of your enquiry, and is usually held over the phone in the first instance.  After this initial phone meeting, if you wish to explore further, then in-person meetings are of course able to be arranged.

To secure a time for your Wealth Potential Strategy Meeting, please click here or call our office on (07) 5449 7200.   If you’ve read this far, then please don’t delay.  Many investors leave too little time to maximise their financial outcomes because they “sit on the fence” too long.

This Meeting is available to investors nationwide, as well as expats who are stationed outside Australia.

Thanks for stopping by.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.