For Good Earners Who Want To Enjoy
A Six-Figure Income In Retirement

If you’re earning “good money” — meaning close to or more than six figures annually — then like many people in your situation…

  • You may be struggling to find the time to research and plan for your financial future, and are hoping your super will be enough (yet you’re not certain)
  • Maybe you have a little extra money, but you’re not sure where to invest it (for example – should you put extra towards your mortgage, funnel more money into super, buy an investment property, consider shares… or something else?)
  • Perhaps you’re concerned that you may not be taking advantage of all the strategies available to build wealth, save tax, manage your investments, and protect your personal financial world from disasters
  • And maybe you’re wondering if you really are on track to enjoy a comfortable income in retirement (or you’d like a second opinion to be sure)

If any of these challenges are real for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Because it’s challenges like this that we have been helping our clients solve for over 18 years.

How We Help You Maintain A Six-Figure Income After You Stop Working

The team at McGregor Wealth Management are experts at financial planning and implementation. But even more than that, we help you…

  • Take stock of your current financial situation (accurately, yet without judgement)
  • Chart your financial trajectory so you can see the likely outcome in terms of real income in retirement, if you continue along your current path
  • Offer practical strategies to address any gaps between where you’re currently heading and where you would like to be by the time you retire
  • And if you would like us to do so, explain how we can help you implement these strategies to ensure you achieve your goals

Our process is simple and practical – and all advisory work is done by our Founding Principal, Rob McGregor (not a junior associate).
Take the next step by booking a free Wealth Potential Strategy Session now with Rob to explore what is realistic and achievable for you.

What Clients Are Saying

Our financial goals are on track!

I knew we needed a clear and straightforward plan that focused on our specific goals. Without going through the goal setting process, I think we would have continued with ad hoc investing that reacted to markets, instead of having a very specific plan. Once everything is set up, the process really is set and forget. We have 2 simple goals: to retire “on time” with our goal retirement funds behind us; and to continue investing to support our income goals. Both of them are on track!

I give them my highest recommendation!!!

I have found Rob and his team exceptionally insightful and valuable in their down-to-earth and strategic advice over the past 13 years — and they keep getting better and better. I give them my highest recommendation!!!

Who Is A Fit To Work With Us?

Client fit is very important to us. Here are some of the qualities shared by our most successful and longest-standing clients:

  • You have a household income of at least six figures (or close to six figures) – and are looking to maintain or exceed your current lifestyle in retirement.
  • You already understand and appreciate the difference that the right financial advice can make to your financial future.
  • You are aiming to create a passive income of at least $100,000 per annum in retirement, even if you don’t know the “how”, and…
  • Doing so is one of your top priorities right now.

If this sounds like you, contact us to book a Wealth Potential Strategy Session to explore if we’re a good fit.

And Who Is Not A Fit ?

Just like any business, there are certain types of clients for whom we’re not an ideal fit. If any of the following apply, we’re usually not a match:

  • If you are earning significantly less than six figures per year, our strategies may be “overkill” for your current situation
  • If you are not committed to a prosperous retirement but are content to take it as it comes, then it will be difficult for us to exceed your expectations
  • If you are strongly committed to a “Do It Yourself” investing approach and don’t believe you can benefit from professional assistance, then we’re probably not a fit

If you’re still with me, then you may be asking…