Meet Danielle

About: Danielle Roovers

Danielle joined the team in July 2020 as Senior Adviser.

Danielle has owned her own Financial Planning Practice and has been a practising adviser for 23 years.

Over the last 23 years, Danielle has assisted clients in arranging their affairs, assessing clients individual needs and is a dedicated follower of values-based financial planning.

Danielle has an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services Financial Planning, is a Self-Managed Super Fund specialist and Justice of the Peace.

Danielle’s achievements in the financial industry have been recognised through several awards, including GPS Wealth Best New Adviser of the Year 2017. GPS Wealth Best New Adviser Finalist 2016, Professional Standards Award Finalist 2018

Danielle has recently joined the McGregor Wealth Management team as one of the key members moving forward. Danielle decided to join McGregor Wealth Management as she was keen to be part of a forward thinking team who focus on providing smart financial planning and advice. The McGregor Wealth Team are very highly regarded.

Danielle provides ‘Peace of Mind that only comes from knowing your financial future is adequately protected and on track.

More About Danielle…

Outside of work – what do you like to do? 

I really enjoy the outdoors, going to the gym and keeping fit, catching up with my children and friends

What do you enjoy about being part of the McGregor Wealth team? 

Their professionalism, values and the team are always willing to help me and our amazing clients

What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know? 

I can speak Dutch  (well a little bit )

Name one person that you draw inspiration from and why? 

My daughters who never give up no matter what life throws at them

What is your favourite book, movie and food?  

The Happiness Trap – Pretty Woman – love Thai food

What Clients Are Saying

Our financial goals are on track!

I knew we needed a clear and straightforward plan that focused on our specific goals. Without going through the goal setting process, I think we would have continued with ad hoc investing that reacted to markets, instead of having a very specific plan. Once everything is set up, the process really is set and forget. We have 2 simple goals: to retire “on time” with our goal retirement funds behind us; and to continue investing to support our income goals. Both of them are on track!

I give them my highest recommendation!!!

I have found Rob and his team exceptionally insightful and valuable in their down-to-earth and strategic advice over the past 13 years — and they keep getting better and better. I give them my highest recommendation!!!

We unreservedly recommend Rob McGregor and his team.

Rob has successfully managed the transition from our working lives to us becoming comfortably retired. During our over a decade long association as clients, Rob and his team presented a thoroughly professional, optimistic and supportive program on behalf of his efforts to represent us.

I would highly recommend the McGregor Wealth Management team to any prospective investor.

After many years of procrastination and numerous proposals from financial advisors, I decided that the best plan forward to retirement came from Danielle at McGregor Wealth Management. What they delivered in taking over the investment of my SMSF far exceeded my expectations and I now feel comfortable that my future in retirement is on track.


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