Meet Angus

About: Angus Hunter-Smith

Work Experience and Education

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance from University of Queensland.

Diploma of Financial Planning.

Hospitality background and moved into Financial Planning 3 years ago.

I am a Sub-Authorised representative (no.1271963) of GPS Wealth


Role – Describe what you do and why you are good at it.

Associate – work alongside Rob to provide advice for our clients.

Good at communicating the advice to our clients and building relationships with them.


Outside of work – what do you like to do?

Hanging out with friends, surfing, beach, travel.


What do you enjoy about being part of the McGregor Wealth team?

Continually learning about new ways to do things and seeing clients enjoy retirement without stress.


What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?

Travelled Europe living out of a van for 6 months.


Name one person that you draw inspiration from and why?

Donald Trump – never take no for an answer! (joke)


What is your favourite book, movie and food?

Favourite movie is Kill Bill or Interstellar.

Favourite food is all Mexican & Italian.

Favourite book is probably Scar Tissue.

What Clients Are Saying

Our financial goals are on track!

I knew we needed a clear and straightforward plan that focused on our specific goals. Without going through the goal setting process, I think we would have continued with ad hoc investing that reacted to markets, instead of having a very specific plan. Once everything is set up, the process really is set and forget. We have 2 simple goals: to retire “on time” with our goal retirement funds behind us; and to continue investing to support our income goals. Both of them are on track!

I give them my highest recommendation!!!

I have found Rob and his team exceptionally insightful and valuable in their down-to-earth and strategic advice over the past 13 years — and they keep getting better and better. I give them my highest recommendation!!!

We unreservedly recommend Rob McGregor and his team.

Rob has successfully managed the transition from our working lives to us becoming comfortably retired. During our over a decade long association as clients, Rob and his team presented a thoroughly professional, optimistic and supportive program on behalf of his efforts to represent us.

We're extremely happy with our strategy and can see gains as expected

We always put the “investment strategy” off as we were busy trying to pay off our mortgage and believed no debt is the best debt. That quickly changed when were in a position to sell our small business and we needed smart advice. We went from have negligible savings to having our future secured within 6 months. Overall, we’re extremely happy with our strategy and can see gains as expected.


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