Free Wealth Potential Scorecard shows you how to:

Remove The Roadblocks To The Financial Future You Desire

…. by evaluating your ‘7 Wealth Mindsets’ and determining the areas in which you need to improve your financial health.

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We’re extremely happy with our strategy and can see gains as expected

We always put the “investment strategy” off as we were busy trying to pay off our mortgage and believed no debt is the best debt…

Andrew R.

We really do enjoy a “trusted relationship” with Rob and the team.

Prior to working with Rob McGregor and the team, we were busy expatriates working across Asia, North America and the UK, focusing on those new locations, long hours of work and travel, getting the kids through schools in different countries, figuring out where to send them for university and occasionally enjoying seeing a bit of the world beyond Australian shores.

Chris Parker
Noosa, QLD

The Wealth Potential Scorecard is a powerful tool that helps you:

  • Create a realistic and action-oriented assessment of your current financial health
  • Identify the areas (or constraints) in which you need to improve
  • Understand and optimise the three categories of wealth management
  • Focus on powerful concepts like self mastery and meaningful goal setting

Here’s how to use this scorecard:

  1. Download the card on to your computer (it’s a PDF)
  2. Print it out
  3. Grab a pen and give yourself an honest score of
    1-12 for each of the 7 Wealth Mindsets
  4. Create a total in the bottom red square
  5. Bring this scorecard to your next meeting with me
  6. Keep your scorecard for re-assessment in
    90 days time

– Enter your email address to access this free one-page PDF

Your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

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